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  1. Regards for helping out, fantastic information.
  2. this a test for testimonials
  3. I have had windows put in from these people and I will say they did do a wonderful job. They made a promise time to me and did not show. Finally after conversation they did come. They were to do some capping for me and they did forget. They did come back a few days later and did do it. There was other work I wanted done around my home. They wrote it down and was to get back to me with a price. Never happen. I landed up calling them and telling them to not bother. I did do it myself. I need some work done on my balcony, also I wanted other work done. I had an appointment at 5 pm April 15th. I left work early to make sure I was home in time for the son to get me an estimate. As soon as I got home I received a message he could not make it. I called and he said he had an another appointment in Windsor at 6 pm. I was upset because this is not the first time this was done to me by them. I let him know I was not happy. He decided to come out. He told me he would be there in 20 min. Finally after 45 min he showed up. He was there for 20 minutes to measure and he told me he would have the prices for me on Monday. If he was at my house at the promised time he would have had time to make his 6 pm appointment. Well it has been a week now and he still has not contacted me with a price. This is what happens I guess when you give someone another chance. I tried to reach Dom which is apparently the father. Once again I was told he was on vacation. The same thing happen the last time. I thought it was a company that did care. I feel they are out just for the fast buck. What a shame. Richard Barker Website barkercarter@yahoo.ca

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