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Window cut-out with Super Spac METAL SPACER

What is spacer?

Panes of glass in insulated glass are held apart by spacers. Spacers impact the overall performance of the insulated glass. The quality of the materials used to produce spacers, their longevity, flexibility and thermal properties are critical.

Why is spacer so important?

On the outside of your home, windows have to stand up to the extreme weather conditions all year round. They face changes in temperature, wind loads, barometric pressure. Additionally, windows are bombarded with harmful UV rays from the Sun. On the inside of your home, windows have to face changes in temperatures, too. And because the edges of the insulated glass are the coldest parts of the window, they are the most susceptible to condensation. Condensation most often occurs in well insulated and weather tight homes. Not only can window condensation lead to damaging your woodwork and draperies but also it can fuel mold growth.

Windows made with Intercept®

Mid-performance spacer systems that still contain metal do little to improve condensation resistance.

  •  Super Spacer only has a 66% argon gas retention rate