Steel Doors

Replacement Steel Entrance Doors

The replacement steel door slab is identical to our New Construction Steel Door except for steeldoorsthe size and the frame material. It is made of 26 gauge-galvanized steel so it’s strong and resists rusting. Our steel door comes primed and ready for paint, and is polyurethane filled for a R16 insulation value. Our steel door features great wood stiles strength, and easy door lock and hinge installation. The slabs come in a variety of standard sizes and embossing. The frame is metal instead of wood, which is more secure than a conventional wood frame. Customize your door by adding a door lite. Choose a style to suite your taste from one of our many catalogues.

Replacement Steel Door is an industry term, which describes a particular type of replacement. It generally means that the existing door slab (usually wood) will be replaced and that the frame of the door will remain. All replacement steel doors come complete with new weather-stripping, metal frame, aluminum thermally broken sill, and threshold sweep. All steel framed replacement doors are bored for standard bore plus deadbolt bored.

This type of replacement is favored when the wood frame of the door is:

  • In good shape.
  • The opening can be reduced by 1 ¼” inch in width without hindering the entry and exit of large appliances.
  • A high security metal frame is required.
  • You have irreplaceable interior trim and or detail.
  • The existing wood frame cannot be removed without causing extensive damage to the interior walls and or to the existing opening.
  • There is storm door that you would like to keep.


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